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No CT Contrast at all

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Idiopathic Anaphylaxis


Mast Cell Diseases


This site is to support those diagnosed with or experiencing the symptoms of any mast cell condition. It contains information on conditions, investigations and on living with a mast cell condition.

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Plasma expanders -gelofusin (UK) ANY  FLUIDS CONTAINING DEXTRAN /DEXTRIN

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Mast cells, to most who have heard of them (including doctors) are connected with allergy, but research has shown they are involved in many conditions all over the body. Some involving one organ or system, say lungs or bowels, or involving multiple systems, known as 'systemic'.

These conditions can be caused by normal cells playing up or extra mast cells. Whichever it is, we know a basic set of rules: these cells can be set off (activated) by many things - everyday things: more than they should normally.

We call these triggers - we know how the majority of these activate the cells.


This releases the stored contents of the cell completely (degranulation) or partially, or makes new chemicals.

These chemicals work locally or travel in the blood - to work anywhere, including activating nerves and passing into the brain. This causes symptoms.


The medicines work to stop these chemicals being released, made or stops them working (by attaching to receptors)


We are individual in our mix of triggers, symptoms and medication but know a huge amount about them.  There are logical links between symptoms and chemicals which cause them, and the medications to choose to treat.




The information on this site is information only and should not be taken as medical advice and so replace information from a qualified health professional in the field of medicine appropriate or in lieu of medical advice.


The author recognises that in rare conditions gaining access to a doctor knowledgeable in that specific condition can be difficult. So the information contained is designed as a portal bringing information available elsewere into a format that allows individuals, whether patient, lay person, medical professional or specialist to greater understand the specific condition or field of mast cell. Written in plain english with links and papers available with the permission from the author or referenced in line with copywrite law.


The author endeavours to keep the information here up to date and in specific sections offers links to respected, safe sources of information which are updated regularly. But it must be noted I cannot guarantee all the most recent research is available immediately. I date each new section to allow time scale comparison.

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