Trigger Management

Over the years and through research lists have developed of foods of known mast cell triggering foods .


I have adapted this starter list from several sources as refernced .


Known high histamine


Fermented foods -

Aged cheeses - gouda, camabert ,cheddar , parmasan - roughly any hard cheese

Wine and Beer ( larger inc )

Soy and all versions in any products ( crosses with vingars )

Pickled products - sauerkraut , eggs, gekins

Vinigars of all kinds

Sour cream


Yeast extract - marmite/ veggiemite


Fish-wether fresh , canned or preserved

The histamie level of fish goes up the longer it is left ungutted after catch

Canned /jar







Cooked meats

Cooked meat builds up histamine as soon as it is cool . So it should be cooked fresh and if there any any leftovers frozen immediately and defristed immediately before rehating and heated .

No other meat is acceptable

Cold aged meat - as in ham , pepperami, pepperoni , cured sausages





Tomato ketucup

berries -esp strawberrys

Jams and preserves



Foods with mast cellactivation activity or reducing breakdown - affect some not others


Fruits vege-

citrus fruits





Nuts -some





Dairy -





shell fish






some spices



We are all individual - by the time i came to information I had had reactions to the majority of these things . So this list was a real "ding" moment for me . The aim of avioding is reduce avodable reactions . We need both meds and trigger management to gain stability . Outside of this only known triggers and connected foods should be avioded as otherwise quickly you can be eating nothing .


mast cell conditions are life long - so the aim is safety but with as balanced a diet as possible



So , we know about triggers and your hunting down yours -your flavour of mast cell / IA / Mastocytosis.


So what to do -

A few points ;-)

1) Once a trigger always a trigger -no matter how many times you try a trigger it will activate you again .

2) If you play with triggers you will get caught out


- Complete start list

- Histamine

- Salicilates

- Sulphites

- Nitrates

Histamine aviodance

In mast cell conditions we have high levels of chemicals circulating . One of these is histamine . By avioding high histamine foods we are allowing our bodies abit of break while our drs investigate and we get suitable meds . Some of us will have had anaphylaxis from these foods but others have more day to day symptoms .Some have both .


Histamine is built from histame which is repsent in all dietry protien wether meat or vegtable . We cant aviod histamine completely for this reason . Also histame is used as building block of several protiens so is an esessnial amino acid -which our bodies cant make itself .


Histamine is a neve conduction chemical and has many roles within the body - our issue isnt with normal levels of histamine just excessive levels .


A question which comes up on forums is about histamine intolerence vs systemic mast cell activation syndromes . If you have histamine intolerence a low histamine diet will largely cure you . This article discusses histamine intolerence .

The low histamine diet

The low histamine diet builds on the basic list to incude were histamine and the high histamine foods hide in varying products . The most comprehensive is at -