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Because our conditions are rare and Mast cell conditions are different in every patient we can need speclaist doctors  to get us diagnosed and on the right medications .This applies worldwide .


Here I aim to list all known Top Specialists in mast cell diseases and Doctors known to be capable of testing and commencing appropriate care .


This will act as a resource for GP's and any hospital doctors visiting .


Preparing for appointments .


Appointments can be very stressful and you can forget what you want to say . Also what was said .


The link at the bottom has some useful questions for appointments and a list to write questions down on .


Recording your appointment can be useful .


A big part of any medical investigation is discussing what has happened to bring you there .


Remember histamine messes with your brain when you have a reactions .This will make rememebering exactly what happened when you were in that situation alomost impossible . It would be useful to get copies of any ED notes . Alos if/when you feel unwell, take pictures and or videos .Also I found sending myself a text message about how I was feeling physically gave me something to show the doctor .


The appointment will churn up your mast cells ,causing you symptoms .If you are established on medication-keep your doses strictly on time . If you haven't please contact me for advice . details on contact page.



European complaince network on mastocytosis