Tests with questionable value explained

Due to the nature of mast cell disease that its either rare or newly emerging test emerge with minimal value .Here I examine these and any research surrounding them .

IGG food testing in blood aka -

Measuring igg in blood just shows you have been exposed to those foods in your life so all show hugely positive . TGG activity is completely different to IGE - the known allergy antibody .


IGE is produced when your body - wrongly identifies a harmless chemical as harmful so make a protien ige - this then sit around on mast cells waiting to be joined up with a harmless substance - when they cause the mast cell to split open and spill prestored contents .


IGG hangs around in tissues waiting for bugs and non self . Some carb patterns and protiens on foods are seen as non self so the body remembers these so when checking the blood you can see it . When the antibody reconnects with this carb or protien mix -  doesnt mount the instant allergy response seen with IGE .


So you get presented with all these " allergies" which are bunkum .


This has several consequences .

It creates/hightens food fears .

It leads to hugely un necesserily restricted diets which are not providing nutrition to maintain life .

In serious cases leading to need for intravenous  nutrition /tube feeding

Note this restriction isnt the same as avioding known triggers based on reactions and issues from serious bowel inflammation .